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How much does roof replacement cost?

It would be very difficult to provide a general answer to this question as every roofing job will be different. Generally we would need to visit the site to provide an estimate of the costs.

roof replacement

Factors affecting roof replacement costs

There are multiple factors that affect how much a roof repair or replacement can cost. Roofing materials used, scope of the work and other costs are all factors that affect the price that you will be quoted.

Some of the other factors include the following:

  • The size of the roof in square metres will have a direct effect on the amount of materials and labour costs.
  • If there is old roof material that must be removed, generally this is down to time in labour costs
  • The type of roofing materials
  • Type of underlay or decking used
  • Guttering costs
  • Valleys and peaks can require more intricate work

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